Thank you Katie for posting this I highly encourage you to read Katie’s post which so beautifully articulates what I have felt for a long time.

I realize that at the squibb3(4) we mostly post pictures and talk about the happy events of our lives, but if I may… I won’t go into great depth over our transformation since graduating from college and beginning our lives in the real world, but I will say that the 10 or so churches we have attended in our time in Chicago have left us disillusioned.  It seems there is more concern with sameness than embracing our differences and loving unconditionally.  I KNOW that the God I love cherishes ALL of our uniqueness’ and sees the true contents of our hearts.


6 thoughts on “Getting Heavy

  1. Wow…that is amazing. Adam raved about “Blue Like Jazz”. Maybe I should actually read it! I think I need to just soak in Katie’s brain! Love love loved it!

  2. Amanda, It was so good seeing your family the past two days! Your family is beautiful and I enjoy being around them so much! I also wanted to encourage you to not give up on finding a church home. It took us in Cincy a while to find one we liked, and then when we started there it wasnt all what we wanted, but there was enough that we liked that we focused on that. After about 2 years there we got invoved in a small group that we loved. Being away from family, and just in general it was great to have other adults that grew to be some great friends and that had some of the same beliefs as us and that we could share life with. I know I may sound cheesy, but being a Christian is hard and I think you need others around you that share in your beliefs to encourage you through out your Christian journey. Anywho, just wanted to encourage you guys to not give up! Love you!

  3. I too have been disillusioned with the church and have struggled for years with this very topic. Thank you for writing this post!

  4. Hi Amanda- In killing time I remembered your blog and I am so glad I came across this post. Your friend did a beautiful job of putting many of us Christians in our place and reminding us it can never be about us and what we have accomplished in our own self-righteousness and we still have SO much to apologize for. Chris and I have also been unsure if we will find a church during our year in Chicago but I am holding on for the right opportunity for us to grow and feel we are able to openly discuss issues and ask questions without interrupting the status quo. I am glad to hear even a pastors wife is willing to admit the gaps in her own faith we all have but are scared to admit sometimes, now THAT is encouraging to me!

  5. Amanda, I feel your frustration. Even at our age and beginning again in a new area, are finding it difficult to find a church. We have attended one several times that has been accepting. My thought to you is, just don’t give up. I don’t know what you are looking for, sometimes we don’t even really know what we are looking for in a church. What I do know is, if we have a list of things we want, it won’t ever happen. We too, are tired of the legalism and false churchy atmosphere. Sure, we need certain things like good worship, an anointed, biblically sound teacher, etc. But mostly, just walk in there looking for Jesus. He’ll tell you if it’s right or not, just don’t look for a perfect place, there aren’t any, people are people, Jesus makes the experience. And maybe ask yourself, what can I bring to this ministry? Hope that helps, but know you’re not alone. Just keep going.

  6. Amanda, this so touches my heart. I would like for everyone to be happy and content and of course that is not possible. I know the church has hurt alot of people and the church is “us”. I am sure I am guilty of that also. I am so sorry that this has happened to you and agree totally to you about the church accepting us as we are. But in saying that I also think that God puts us through some of these things just to draw us closer to Him. It is not the building we go to that makes us who we are but it is important to have people to fellowship with that accept us as we are.
    I pray that you find a place where you can feel at HOME.
    I love you guys and enjoy your blogs so much.
    I will be praying and in saying that I don’t want to sound like I have all the answer because I DO NOT! Hang in there kid, love ya

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