Two days ago our door bell rang TWICE at nap time.  If you have read any of my previous posts you know nap time, bedtime, or just sleep in general are real rarities these days.  This time is sacred, so unless it was someone telling me I had won publishers clearing house, they were not going to be greeted with much warmth.  Sure enough it was ANOTHER 15 year old offering us a great price on a newspaper subscription.  This is a regular occurance in our area and FYI:  NOT LEGIT!!!  But they will gladly take your twenty dollars.  Anywho, I opened the door with steam coming out of my ears I am sure.  The boy tried to make a joke about me not needing to sic my dog on him because he quote “Wasn’t trying to sell me anything” ::right:: To which I replied “I really cannot hear your schpeel right now because you jost woke up both of my kids.”  “Sorry” he nervously muttered “…but would you be interested……”  “No.”  :::Door shut in face:::

*This is uncharacteristicaly rude/mean of me.  I even surprised myself, but TRUST me you don’t mess with nap time while also trying to scam me!!!!

Fast forward to yesterday, nap time again cue door bell!!! What!!!  I run to the door and it is the same kid!!!!  “Seriously???”  I say “Can you not knock???”  “Sorry he mutters again, but do you know which of your neighbors is named Clinton, he asked me to come back today and I can’t remember which house is his?”  “What!?  No! and you just woke up my kids… AGAIN!!!”  “Sorry he nervously mutters….but would you be interested…..”  “NO!!!!”  Door slam.

If he comes back today i WILL sic my dog on him.

(I think it is funny that he chose the door slamming lady to ask about his question which makes me wonder ….was I the nicest of the neighbors he hounded?  Now that’s a funny thought.)


3 thoughts on “nap time nincompoop

  1. We actually had a HUGE problem with this in TX being a military town door-to-door sales were crazy! I finally posted a sign to my door that read:

    Absolutely NO solicitors! Thank you.

    I learned the trick from my grandma and it works wonders..before I put the sign up we had at least 1-2 per week, afterwards I had one in 2 mo. who also said right away she wasn’t trying to sell me anything but she turned out to be with Kirby Vacuum! Annoying!

  2. Ask to see thier permit to sell, they usually are glad to run away. Then call the police, be sure to have a description of the vehicle and person. They will probaly be run out of town. But I agree also, get a sign put up.

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies. Our neighbor next door usually calls the police, but I like the idea of asking to see their sales permit and the sign as well.

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