I bribed Hazel to go to sleep last night by telling her she could help me clean the bathroom in the morning.  This girl loves scrubbing the toilet and of course doing the honorary  ‘potty on the bubbles’ afterwards.  Hey we aren’t all work and no play!

happy as a clam scrubbing the toilet, in an outfit she picked out

i gave her her very own sponge, it was like Christmas morning all over again

As Phillip was heading to Menards today to purchase some supplies for our upcoming deck project, I asked him to pick up a sprinkler for Hazel.  I thought a sprinkler would be a very age appropriate and SAFE water activity.  Well about 2 hours later Phillip returned and I asked him if he got the sprinkler, his response “No….but I did get her a slip n slide.”  “I am not sure that is a very good/safe idea,” I said.  “The box said for ages 5 and up so she should be fine. ” Was his response.

Hahaha.  Well to his cedit it was a child appropriate size and not very threatening looking.  My childhood memories of slip n slides involve miles of blue plastic and images of smashed faces and sprained ankles. This little guy was not quite so daunting.  It also came with a tiny ittle floaty to slide on.  Hazel would mount the floaty and Phillip just gave her a push down the slide.  It was pretty cute and had a tiny pool at the end and water squirting out along the sides.   Callum even got in on the action.

not so sure

goggle fail

sip n sliding!

here comes Callum!

Another one of my summer goals was to find hazel a nice sand/water table since I walked into the bathroom the other day and the sink was about 2 seconds away from flooding onto the floor.  Perhaps we should take this activity outside??

I found really cute tables ranging from $30-70, all just a tad more than we wanted to pay.  Philip suggested just getting storage containers, so that is what we did.  Total cost including sand = $10 and Hazel would never know the difference!

water table

sand and water makeshift table


6 thoughts on “Merry Maid and Slip ‘n’ Sliding

  1. This is an absolutely GREAT idea…I might have to copy cat you if you don’t mind. What did you actually end up putting the totes on? Thanks for your great ideas, I am more of a spender than thinker and wish I was the opposite!

  2. I know Brooke. I am a spender by nature, but trying to change my ways. I was ready to buy the table a couple months back but Phillip convinced me we could do more for less, he was right. We just put the totes on one of our picnic benches, but I might see if my dad can work us up a little table type structure.

  3. My dad used PVC pipe to make a really nice stand for our water/sand table. We actually used mine as a sensory table for day care. It was one of my *favorite* things that we had in day care!! Let me find a link of all the things we used to put in it.

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