Apparently mom and I forgot that after painting the cabinets the first time 5 years ago we looked like this….

disgruntled cabinets painters

please note: my moms outfit both in the 2006 pic and 2010 pics

but time heals all wounds 5 years later we are back at it again…

cabinet painting again...

I must mention that although my mom’s 3 coats of paint was a valiant effort the cabinets just seemed too…White.  So I watched an online tutorial and glazed them last night, adding an antiquey look, which I love!

Past to present

Green kitchen

2006 remodel

de-greening 😦

To This!!!

2010 cabinet redo-small section shot since this was the only clean part of the counter top 🙂

Note the stubborn painters tape. It looks as though I may have to incorporate some blue into the decor since it refuses to unstick.


8 thoughts on “Cabinet Chaos…will we ever learn

  1. Looks Great!!! Try using a hair dryer on the tape. The glue just needs to soften up a bit. If you have eggshell paint you could even use a slightly damp cloth and it won’t hurt the paint.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the white! Those will be in my dream kitchen one day…distressed white. Curious though…why the change of heart on the green? Those were way cute too!

  3. And hey, be kind to your mother, she can wear any outfit as many times as she wants! It’s the rule when you’re our age!

  4. Thanks Tim! I will try that next time, I used a box cutter before I read this and that worked too.

    Diane-I loved the green, but we were ready for a change and are starting to think more in terms of resale and I think these will be more appealing to buyers in the near future.

  5. I LOVE the new cabinets! I wish I had the time, and the help to get something like that done in my house. Everything is so dark in my kitchen! Great job. I love seeing what you guys do around there!

    • Becky I would totally help you if you wanted to do it. We could probably get it done in a few afternoons!

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