In all of the building and painting craziness I forgot to post pics of our trip to the Oak Lawn Children’s Museum.  We just went to for the first time last week and it is practically in our backyard!  Pathetic, I know.  Don’t worry, now we are members and Hazel is really looking forward to taking Elijah when he comes to visit!

ball roll into the cup....missed

mini Picasso

more artistry

washing the dog in veterinary clinic


this was the best we could do...

Her favorite, putting the scarf in, it sucks it around....

and shoots it back in your face...and I am not sure why she has on just one shoe

In other news, Callum is now rolling over (he has been for a few weeks now) and sitting up unassisted (though he is still prett wobbly).  He also really enjoys bananas in his mesh teether.

first time sitting by himself!


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