As I mentioned, we are nearly a month behind in Callum’s well visits so, yet again, his 4 month check-up is only 4 days shy of his 5 month b-day.  Oh wells.  Here are the stats….drum roll…..

weight: 15.11

length: 25

head circ: 43

He had three shots today and they were painful.  He has been sleeping since noon and it is almost 2:30…maybe I should go check on him….okay I am back, still sleeping, poor little duffer.

My fellow blogger and friend, Diane, has written many a funny posts about her two cuties and their jumperpoo.  Well if she has the jumperpoo than ours is the jumperpuke, because every time Callum gets in it barfing soon follows.  He is a happy jumperpuker though.  Notice the barf running down his face onto his clothes.  Again, a good mother always snaps a photo before tending to the child’s needs.

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