We have this GEORGEOUS new deck aaaaaaaand….nowhere to sit.

trying to enjoy our new space sans furniture

Our cheap (in every sense of the word) $89 patio table with chairs, which we purchased at Target a few summers back, is not even a little bit durable.  In fact, I sat in one of the chairs the other night and it broke right in two.  Talk about making a girl feel self concious…Sooooooo we are on the look out for some furniture and I was completely inspired by this crafty gal who decorated her patio with mostly yard sale and thrift store finds.  Here is a sneak peak of her awesomeness…

lovely outdoor decor over at the bungalow

I we keep you up to date with our finds, gonna have to send the hubby out dumpster diving again I am afraid.  We are hoping there will be some good Labor Day sales coming up so when YOU come and visit there will be a place to sit!


3 thoughts on “Yeah…about that

  1. the deck looks great! They all did such a great job. Good luck with the furniture shopping! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Lots of clearance for summer going on. I know I saw some things at KMart, Target, Kohls, etc, they’re all making room for Christmas. Check garage sale ads.
    Looks very nice:)
    PS, aren’t there child labor laws up there? lol

  3. I literally drool every time I look at the pictures of the new deck. (Yes…every time, as in it happens multiple times…a day.) LOOOOOOVE it. And thats understating it! Can’t wait to see your fab new finds on it as they make their way home!

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