Hazel made several trips inside this afternoon, she also left the door open every time and I literally killed 15 flies this evening, but I digress…Anywho, every time she would run in saying she needed either “lotion on to help daddy,” “shoes on to help daddy”, “clothes on, to help daddy”-Because, yes, most days she is at least partially naked for most of the day.  In fact, don’t think she is wearing pants in any of these pictures to follow, but, you pick your battles I guess.  Her and Phillip have been doing lots of yard work together the past couple days and making many trips to “nards” (Menards),  Hazel’s new favorite place.  She loves helping daddy and I just love her flushed little cheeks after she has been working hard out in the heat.  Having our summers to spend together is about the best thing ever!


monkey HAD to be in the picture

Hauling bushes, all in a days work

"hurry up daddy, sheeesh"

taking their loads to the curb


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