Sorry for the delay on the deck pictures.  We went to Salem for the weekend and I had planned on updating the blog while we were there, but alas, my camera ran out of batteries.

Phillip did manage to get a few shots of his finished backyard masterpiece before we left. Like I mentioned, he hauled lots of rock and we, luckily, found some incredible deals on plants at the local farmer’s market.  We still have to mulch and grow some grass, but you can get the general idea.

new deck with landscape minus some grass and mulch

another angle, he even put in a fire pit!

We had a nice time in Salem and were even able to go flying!  The Herald family joined in on the entrusting Phillip with their lives fun!

Ready for take-off!

pilot profile

some "Squibb Tanks" down below!

some pretty awesome people, The Heralds

the kids were trying to get things working but couldn't quite get off the ground

One thought on “Finished and Flying

  1. 1) You’re too kind, but I’ll take the awesome comment with a dash of gratitude.
    2) I love you, but I think if your deck were a boyfriend, I would probably flirt with him in an attempt to lure him over my way. Still love it! Still drool over the photos! And the flagstone steps were completely worth the cut Phillip got on his hand.

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