*Warning, lengthy post*

We had many adventures with our New Zealand visitors this week…

Laura, Luke and Elijah arrived Wednesday afternoon and we hit the ground running.  Phillip took Luke flying over Chicago and the Lakeshore while Laura and I took the kids to Potbelly’s for dinner.   The guys flew over just as we were finishing up, so we ran out to wave at them.  Elijah and Hazel were pretty excited about their Daddy’s flying in the sky.

Then Laura and I spent most of the evening working on our “trades.”  Trading was something I used to do with some friends growing up.  Basically, you bring to the trading table some good items you would like to trade and the other person will do the same.  The end result???  Lots of fun and “new to you” accessories, clothes, purses, or whatever you might like to trade, it is also very green.  Laura and I started our trading tradition when we visited New Zealand.  Since we were both prepared, this trade was even better than the first!

both wearing one of Laura's shirts as she unpacked and Hazel has a vacuum in her mouth, of course

dinner at Potbellys

nightly bed time oatmeal

Then both Thursday and Friday we went into the city (cause you can’t see all of Chicago in one day!) Not that you can see it in two either, but we tried!

We went to the Lincoln park zoo on Thursday then headed home for naps.  While the kids were napping Laura and I headed to TARGET, woot woot.  We were only gone a mere two hours.  It is funny how time seems to stands still when you are in that magical place….We eventually came back and Phillip prepared a wonderful steak dinner, livin large!  Then we retired to the deck to relax get eaten alive by mosquitos while making s’mores and pies over the fire pit.

Laura and Hazel watching the tigers

"The Guys" at the zoo

Callum "the tiger tamer"

cutie patooties

Callum checking out the skull exhibit

LOVE the zoo

Cute babes on the train

lovin their train ride

We can never pass a water fountain without stopping

Chillin, literally, at Five Guys

Laura takes some great pics

mooooo 🙂

Friday morning the boys took the kids to the park.  After naps we loaded up and took the train down town.  Too many adventures to list, but lets just say traveling the undergrund train system with two strollers, one of which is HUGE, is not the smartest idea.  Not only were Phillip and Luke carrying them up enormous flights of stairs, but to make matter worse, people were just annoyed by us and went out of their way to be as unhelpful as possible.  In hindsight, all of our adevntures were pretty funny, but at the time, and in the heat, we weren’t doing much laughing.

We walked the mag mile, ate some deep dish at Due’s, a little shopping and vsited The Bean at Millenium park.

"gimme that!"

playing with the Victoria Secret Dog

aaaaaaaaaand the fake model

Luke giving escalator rides

The Bean

waiting on the train

fun on the train

Saturday, Luke’s brother and his girl friend, Hannah, flew in from London.  We all went to Medieval Times!  What a hoot.  And yes, we took the kids.  They loved about the first hour of the show, then got a bit squirmy.  Luckily I stocked my purse with some bribery snacks.

the castle

cheering for the red knight!

Then Emily, aka super nanny, watched all three kids while we all went out for some adult time.  She even got them all to bed and ASLEEP!!!!  THANK YOU EMILY.  Here is a picture of Emily, she is seriously one of the greatest people I know so if you see her around, give her  high five for her overall awesomeness.

Awesome Em

Adult time at Rock Bottom

fun times at Rock Bottom

soooooooooo good

Sunday morning we enjoyed a big breakfast together before Laura and Luke headed out.  Phillip also filled up the kiddie pool so thing one and thing two could play off some energy.  Then just as our visitors were headed out the door, Phillip brought out the Harley and gave the guys rides around the block.

family story time, how cute

playing in the puddles next to the pool

Phillip making it "rain"

elijah showing off their slide/pool set up

Matt and Hannah getting in on the fun

bucket heads

biker boys

Luke "having a go"(he did have a helmet on while riding)

We had a great visit and a tearful goodbye.  Now we will begin planning for our next New Zealand trip! We will miss you guys!  Take care and safe travels Laura, Luke and Elijah!


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