Where has the time gone???  Seriously, my son is 6 months old already!!!  I am in total shock.  To make matters worse he is CRAWLING!!!  What the what???  I thought that happened MUCH later.  I haven’t even thought about baby proofing.  Sheesh.

We went to the doctor for his 5 month boosters and he gained a pound and half in a month!  They didn’t measure his length since it technically wasn’t a well visit, but the appointment was one day shy of 6 months.  Even though it makes NO sense, we won’t go for his actual 6 month check up till the end of September, when he will be 7 months.  Anywho, Doc said he is healthy and thriving.

Let me tell you a little bit about my man….I know I always say this, but Cal man is soooooooooooo easy going.  I think his new knickname that I am making up right now is easy C, perfect.  He is a smiley guy with a grin that melts your heart…

He is not a big laugher, but occasionally, when something is really funny, he will chuckle and do a little nose snort laugh.  It is quite gratifying to those who can draw the laugh.  He really makes you act like a fool making faces and fart noises for what seems like an eternity earn them.

He does a lot of observation and is content being held, laying on the floor or catching the action in his jumper puke.  Hazel is enough drama, so he figures he will just lay low.

Easy C, will go to virtually anyone, but is frightened of men with deep voices.  Sorry Papa…

One of my favorite things Callum does is the face hold.  When I am holding him close and pull him away to look at him he will gently grab my face with both hands and just stare into my eyes…Heaven.

I love this guy…………..

Well BOTH these guys. (Callum chatting with Uncle Doe.)

Callum has no interest in solid foods at this point, they make him gag-o-rama.  He is still 100% breast-fed.

My only complaint is that he is STILL not sleeping through the night, but according to the doctor, that is as much my fault as anything, the conversation went like this…

Me:  “Dr.Kim, he still is not even close to sleeping through the night, do you have any advice.”

(In a extremely loud voice with a very thick accent, Dr. Kim’s reply)

Dr:  “Why you think he not sleep a through the night Mama?”    

Me:  “Errr, Ahhh, I don’t know…”

Dr:  “What does mama do when the baby cry?…..You bring a the baby to bed with you don’t you mama? … Cause Mama tired and Daddy doesn’t want the baby crying…..Is okay mama, he sleep someday”

(It would be much more entertaining if you knew Dr. Kim, he is a very kind and a great doctor, but LOUD and hard to understand.)

As I have mentioned he is crawling and getting faster and stronger everyday.  This morning I even lost him for a second…found him under the jumperpoo.  Probably trying, once again, to retreat from his sister.

Oh and I almost forgot, Callum growls now.  Just since Elijah left, Laura’s boy, who is straight from the book “where the wild things are” (meant with love).  Elijah taught both of my kids how to growl like a “wild thing”.

And Lastly, Teeth are on their way.  How do I know, you ask??  Well it is very scientific, he just started his Kevin from the office face, and when Hazel started this, teeth weren’t far behind….This is the face I am talking about………

Hazel’s teething face                                Kevin from “The Office”

To those of you who REALLY read this blog.  Thank you for sharing in our lives and the lives of our children!  It has been so much fun journaling their lives in this way!


4 thoughts on “half a year

  1. Amanda, I just love reading about your little adorable family! Your stories are just so funny, and entertaining! It makes me happy to see that someone else just loves the little things that the kids do, and thats all that matters in life! Your doing a great job! Although, I must say, I still miss you at play group!

    • Becky, thanks for the blog love!!! And rest assured I miss FOF as well. If there was a part time option I would be all over that business!!! PS. I can’t believe how big Will is!

  2. Liam and Callum are two peas in a pod! Here’s a bit of encouragement…since Liam has started eating baby food (like pass the tasting and spitting out stage) he has started sleeping through the night! 2 nights is a row so far…here’s hoping he keeps it up. Maybe month 7 is the magic age?!

  3. Hehe. Ahh… the growling will pass. 🙂 If it’s an consolation, Elijah has started to demand that he needs to use the toilet after he’s already in bed. Picking up a few nighttime stalling tactics from Hazel Basil. Love you guys.

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