Vinyl wall art is all the rage right now.

You know the heartfelt sayings on walls like this…

Well I wanted to find some cute little girl vinyl art for Hazel’s room, but had two issues..

1. Expensive, $20 and up, which seems like a lot for some glorified stickers.

I looked into rolls of vinyl to make my own…

2.  Still expensive, $13 a roll, and i had to do the art part myself!

The wheels started turning and i decided to experiment with white contact paper, $5 a roll and triple the amount of what came on the vinyl roll.

With this as my inspiration….

I got to work using my handy dandy cricut…

(thanks mom and dad, errrrr I mean, Santa)

And it came out like this!!

I love it!

A special thanks to Josh, Libby and Terri for the new to us dresser!


3 thoughts on “DIY vinyl wall art

  1. So jealous of your cricut — I have entered to win about every single one out there in the blogosphere and not a one has been sent my way. Why haven’t I just bit the bullet and purchased ye ol’ machine of amazing crafty ways? I’m frugal, okay CHEAP…so I ask, how did you convince Phillip (sorry that sounds weird to me, he’s Phil Squibb to me) that you needed one?

    • Oh Danica, no convincing needed! I just asked Santa for it…:) He dropped it off at my parent’s house and they delivered it for Christmas last year 🙂

  2. Love it! Hey, I was thinking of you today. I’m looking into being a rep for Tomboy Tools. Have you heard of it? Look it up: http://www.tomboytools.com. I’ll be getting the info and I’ll forward it to you. I do know it’s 30% commission. The company is 10 yrs. old so there is alot of need for reps. In my area alone, there is one in St. L. within a 180 mi. radius.

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