Yes, I am surviving on very little sleep these days, but that doesn’t mean our days are any less fun-filled. Here is a tiny glimpse into the Squibb household this week…

The week started out with some lego playing in mommy and daddy’s bed.  My smart idea was “If I let them play on the bed, I will get to sleep longer.”  These ideas seem good when one is delirious….Notice there is no sign of mommy anywhere on the bed.

I am not gonna lie, I may have found a reason to get out and get one of these delicious iced caramel lattes 3 days this week…Yes you may notice the cup says Dunkin, **Gasp**, sorry Starbucks, I still REALLY like you, but since you no longer provide me a substantial discount, my pocketbook has found a new love….

We went to our favorite store, do you even have to ask, and picked out a leotard, ballet shoes, (Hazel starts ballet and tap/tumbling classes next week), and some clothes for fall.  Here is Hazel modeling her new fall shoes and leotard.

and a little more fall style….

of course she had to have a smoothie….

while she watched “Curious George.”  Her new favorite, or rather first favorite.  We are not big TV or movie watchers and this is the first and only movie she watches beginning to end.

We did a lot of reading..Oh and Callum now picks out his own books…

and is crawling EVERYWHERE!

I used my Michael’s 40% of coupon to get this…twig thingy for a bare vase in our house, pretty exciting stuff!

found some blue playdough in Callum’s rat tail…BATH DAY!

I may or may not have turned a blind eye to some couch jumping (it was a rainy day, she had to get her energy out somehow!)

AND We made a few trips to the park, but I didn’t remember my camera until today.  However, today was the most beautiful day of the week!  The air was crisp and cool yet warm in the sun, perfect.  Ahhh, I love the  fall.

So there you have it, our week, in a nutshell.  Pretty eventful ,eh?


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