What an eventful Labor Day weekend we had!  Our Labor Day tradition has been such for the past 4 years, that my parents come into town and we work on a home improvement project.  Phillip has been working loooong hours at school and really needed the weekend to relax so the guys decided to simply finish skirting the deck and build a bench.  Phillip and dad worked on the project for most of the afternoon last Saturday.  Then mom and dad watched the kids while Philip and I headed downtown to watch the Auburn game with Chris and Jess.  The next day Hazel attended her first ever (non-family) birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheeses, she had a blast!

she showed no signs of having the same "large fake moving animal phobia" her mother had as a chid

she loved the tube slide and play structure

and this swing ride she went on about 15 times

Pizza time!!!=less than interested in the birthday boy

Putting DADDY'S tickets in the counter machine (he stole about half her tokens)

When we got home dad had finished all of the projects!!! What a guy!  We party while he works, I could get used to this.  Then, Sunday evening we celebrated the holiday with Chris and Jess, mom and dad and aunt barbara, who lives near by.  We had a cook out, then roasted marshmallows and made pies over the fire.  It was a great fall night for the festivities and we thoroughly enjoyed the great company and the fabulous new outdoor space in our backyard.  **I know I talk about the deck ALOT but if you could see the size of our house (microscopic) you woukd know how big of a deal this space is!

Grub a dub dub!

Callum's make-shift bug tent

putting pies in the fire

Pie well done dad! Cooked to perfection

mine...not so much

Jess gets the kids chair, Hazel apparently needed more room

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!


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