Today was Hazel’s first Creative Movement: Beginning ballet class.  Oh my was it ADORABLE.  Seeing the little girls dressed in their little leotards watching themselves in the mirrors was priceless.  And YES I took about 1,500 pictures, it was just so darn cute, I couldn’t help myself!  I tried to capture moments when she wasn’t loking in my direction.  She seperated pretty easily and I didn’t want to risk that backfiring when she saw me paparazzi-ing her from the door.  Check out this cuteness…


"you should really get the slippers without laces, much less trouble"

getting instruction from Ms.Shellee

I cannot stand the cuteness in this picture

scarf dancing!

REALLY getting into it

Her "big finish pose"


Besides having to wake her up half-way through her nap and my FAIL of giving her a whole cup of water before hand, (she left class twice to potty) she did really well in her first no-mom, instructional class. The age recommendation for this class is 3-5, but the lady said if she could handle it they would allow her to come.  “No refunds if things don’t work out though”.  So she was definitely the youngest one there and I think she was also the only one with her underwear hanging out of her leotard as well.  No matter, she had fun.  On one of her “pit stops” during class I asked her if she was having a good time and she said, and I quote,  “Yes, I am having a really good time playing with my friends.”


2 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer

  1. I love it! And about the underwear…. she was the only one without a skirt, so the other kids were most likely sticking out, you just couldn’t see! She is so adorable Amanda. I can’t wait till Ashley gets back into ballet this month. The only bad thing is, they make the parents leave, and you can’t see through the door. Pictures can only be taken at the recital!

  2. I can’t even stand the awesomeness of this post. DANG IT! Why couldn’t she have started this when we were still home!!!??? I would have LOVED to see her at ballet class. More pictures!!! More more more!!! ps… Jah Jah is started soccer soon…. pictures from that should be hilarious as well.

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