That at age 27 almost 28, I wanted to learn how to do something completely new and challenging.  To stretch myself.  Pole vaulting has always fascinated me and I probably would have pursued it back in high school, but liability reasons prohibited vaulting at our tiny high school.

ALSO, If I am being completely honest, I have always been bit jealous of my brother’s success on the track and have often wondered “what if”?  What if I had pushed through that knee pain in cross country pre-season my first semester at Greenville College?  What if I had continued on inspite of injury? Isn’t that what champions do?  They overcome.   Dorian and I came from the same parents, surely we share some of the same athletic talent DNA?  What if I COULD have been really good and I missed my chance because I gave up??

Well, here I am, two C-sections later and ALOT older, deciding to stop “what if-ing” and jump into something completely new -POLE VAULTING!  For those of you who don’t know what that is, here are a couple google images.

not me

also, not me

So, with the enouragement of my loved ones, I sought out somewhere I might learn to vault.  By complete happen chance, while my parents were at one of my brother’s meets in New York, a man overheard them talking about my wanting to learn to vault.   They chatted for a bit.  He knew of a coach in Chicago and face booked me the info.  I didn’t end up with this couch, but he referred me to another coach closer to where we live.   Bada bing bada boom!  I went to vault camp for the first time this past Saturday and learned to vault!

The average age of participants was probably about 15 (and that is being generous) they kept asking me which highschool I attended, which was flattering, but also funny and a tad embarrasing.  I really started to feel old when all of the boys started playing their poles like air guitars to the blaring radio.  No matter, I stayed focused and was determined to be at least good and NOT to look old and decrepit.

There was a poster on the wall inside the field house next to the vault pit that said “Be Fearless” and I decided that would be my new mantra.  After missing my first jump at 6 feet I decided to jump without fear and that was when things started to happen.  I began the day hoping I would simply be able to run with the pole and avoid head injury.  I  ended the day clearing 7 feet!  (Which isn’t at all noteable on any competitive level, but for a first timer ,pretty good!)  Best of all, it was fun and I wanted to jump until exhaustion wouldn’t allow it.

Two days removed from my exhilarating 2 hours of vaulting and I am SORE, with at least one pulled muscle, but a tremendous feeling of accomplishment to ease the pain a bit.  Which reminds me…Note to self:  STRETCH DUMMY!!!!!  I am looking forward to continuing my vaulting journey and attending camp every Saturday (when I am home) until Christmas.  Perhaps Phillip can come along and take some pictures soon!

I have been so excited to blog about this new journey, as insignificant as it may seem.  Actually following through on something that has always intrigued me has felt so gratifying.  How many times do we say, I would like to do that…Or, I wish I could do that…What is stopping us, besides our own fears?  BE FEARLESS!

I am curious, what is something you have never done, but have always wanted to do???


5 thoughts on “I had a dream….

  1. ***** x a million

    (Those *’s are cool points, btw.)

    I think you just moved up in my book from “one of the coolest Mom’s I know” to “THE coolest Mom I know.”

  2. Kudos Amanda!!!! I’m so proud of you! I’ve been contemplating something also. I had a pony as a little girl but was afraid of it. I liked it and wanted it but noone had the patience I guess to help me over my fears. So I want to horse back ride. My delimma is that it’s kind of pricey so when money allows, I’m doing it!

  3. I just love that you are doing this!! What an awesome gift to yourself. I have always wanted to become fluent in Spanish. You have influenced me to try!

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