I started a blog called Copycrfater a while back, since that is a perfect explanation of what I am.  No genuinely unique creativity, all just adaptations of someone else’s good idea.  So I had the best of intentions, but never posted.  I like this blog…it is home to me.  The OCDness in me wants to have seperate blogs for separate things, but I have resigned myself to the fact that All things be it crafty, kid, life or otherwise will henceforth be on thesquibb3!  Somedays may be crafts, somedays not.  All of that was one long explanation of why  am posting another copied craft today!  I had a really crafty afternoon yesterday and after I made the wreath I whipped these babies out!  You will find the tutorial here since, once again, not my original idea.

silk flowers and felt leaves

fabric flower, silk leave and burlap

tons of yellow silk flowers

simple silk with ribbon and burlap


One thought on “Copycrafter

  1. Too funny Amanda, I saw these headbands on the original blog and instantly wanted to make them, although have yet to head out to get the supplies. Yours turned out adorable!

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