I know I say this every time I give a Callum update, but I cannot believe he is 7 months old already!  In just the past couple of weeks he has sprouted two teeth and started pulling up!  He is growing up WAY too fast.

The first stand!

Here are a few special things about our little guy…

*He is army crawling EVERYWHERE.  No crumb (or dog food bowl) goes unturned with Callum on the prowl.

*He is still as content and cool as ever.

*He loves his sister, despite her best efforts :).   Every time he sees or hears her he is alert with smiles.  We can’t even have her in the same room at feeding time because he won’t eat!  All attention is on Hazel.  Occasionally she lets him play along side her, occasionally.

*He also LOVES Dora (our dog) and I am ashamed to say that, on more than one occasion, we have discovered them open mouth kissing, sick.

*He is finally warming up to solids and I am hoping this will lead to a fuller belly at night and in turn, sleeping through the night????  Hey, a girl can dream….


3 thoughts on “Callum is 7 months old!!!

  1. I got Liam to eat baby cereal tonight for the first time! I defrosted 2 cubes of pears, mixed in some baby oatmeal and sprinkled in some cinnamon. It smelled like cobbler! He ate every bite and I had to make more (though I used apple sauce the second time around.) Oh, and he won’t eat either if Javen is in the room. If he sleeps through the night tonight I’m dubbing it “The Magic Sleepy Dinner” (or something clever like that).

  2. that sounds heavenly, and even more so if it brings a full night of sleep! We will be trying this, maybe just so I can steal a bite of it 🙂

  3. He is such a cutie:) When he wakes in the night do you rush right in to tend to him? If so, you might wait him out alittle before going in. And if he shouldn’t be hungry, try not actually picking him up. Maybe just assuring him he’s ok, go back to sleep, and patting or rubbing his back will satisfy him to go back to sleep. (Just some ideas to throw out there) Also, look around, could anything be making him wake up like a light shining in the room (maybe his room is too light or too dark, depending what suits him) or certain noises at certain times, like a neighbor’s loud vehicle sounding off when they leave for work, etc?
    Of course the teething times are always fun too. I remember with Laura, as soon as she’d get in a good pattern, she’d start teething. Rotten kid was a night owl….lol!

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