We are attending my parent’s roofing party this weekend so we are in the Quad Cities and Phillip is helping, along with some other close family friends, DIY-ing a new roof.  They have been working long 12 hour days taking advantage of the cool, non-rainy weather.

some of the hard workers

Callum and Hazel have definately enjoyed all of the extra attention.

Uncle BJ and Callum having a man to man chat

In non-roofing related news, I walked into Callum’s room the other day to find him doing this……

first crib stand

Guess we have to lower the mattress now…He is growing way too fast.

ALSO, as we were heading out of the house the other day, I opened the door and screamed at the sight of this HUGE praying mantis.

We also had Callum’s 6 month check-up and he is right on track!  A healthy and happy boy.

Hazel also had a check-up and the doctor was quite impressed that we hadn’t been back since her two year checkup, nearly 10 months ago!  She has not been sick (knock on wood) since we took her out of daycare exactly one year ago.  She too is healthy and thriving and was quite excited to get her flu shot.  She kept asking the doctor “can I have my shot now?”  She knew fruit snacks were the reward for a brave girl.

She may be starting to turn into a monkey, reverse evolution???


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