Hazel has been not so anxiously waiting, the past 11 months, for the reappearance of “Spooks”(Halloween decorations).  We take daily walks (weather permitting) or drives around the neighborhood to see the decorated yards.  She LOVES Spooks.  Since she has such an affinity for Halloween decorations I finally decided we should start getting out our own fall decor.   I asked Hazel to help me decorate the house today.  For the most part she did a really good job, but some of her decorative placement was truly unique, but then again, who am I to say that ten little pumpkins in the middle of the kitchen floor isn’t a good idea?  I wouldn’t want to squelch her creativity…Here are some of the decorations I found as I traveled the house….

the decorator at work

some candy cord hanging on a chair

this was a really cute placement, right on her cd player

a friendly ghost to step on, errr… I mean, greet you, as you enter the kitchen

a cute little pumpkin on the corner

and another cute little pumpkin…..OH WAIT!  Thats Callum, hehe


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