It is no secret that Hazel has some, shall we say, interesting sleeping tendancies. We usually are just so happy when she actually does sleep, we don’t mind if she has a book or a stuffed animal….or 6.  Well today, after her chatter had stopped for a while I went in to sneak a peak and make ure she was still breathing and this is what I found…

Nothing to strange?  How about we take a closer look………….

Well if you haven’t figured it out, allow me.  It occured to me within seconds of entering her room that first: she wasn’t wearing the clothes she laid down in and second: that she was wearing a NEW BORN onsie!!!!!  Notice the snaps??

We gave her a few of Callum’s outgrown outfits for her monkeys to wear.  I have no idea how she got this on.  Also how did the golden book end up on her face?  Did she konk out in mid sentence? Also, I don’t like how monkey is touching her cheek, kinda creepy.

What a little weirdo.


One thought on “Weirdo

  1. I thought this was just hilarious when I read this! So funny what they do when we around to watch their every action 🙂

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