Last night Callum slept entirely though the night for the first time in nearly 7.5 months of life!!!!  He had gotten much better within the past couple of weeks, only briefly waking up around 1am wanting his pacifier, then eating at 5.  However, last night he didn’t peep from 7:30 to nearly 6:30 this morning.  Maybe he was just exhausted from the weekend or maybe we really had a breakthrough!  I hope it is the latter.

ALSO, after nearly 2 months of army crawling Callum has finally decided to start really crawling, as in, up on all fours.  He is also pulling up on a regular basis, especially in his crib.

Today I found him trying to get into the magazines.  We try to limit his reading to 4 hours a day, but the boy still tries to sneak in some more!  Sheesh, child prodigies can be so difficult!

mom please just one more article from the New Yorker?”

“FINE I will just get it myself!”

“uh oh, I think I am stuck..MOM!”

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