Yeah, so that whole sleeping through the night business?   Total fluke. I guess I spoke too soon, but I do feel that we are getting closer.  I am trying to change my attitude from annoyance to appreciation.   These are precious moments, even though they are in the wee hours of the morning.  I really do love nursing him then carrying his floppy, sleeping, adorable self, back to his crib.  I kiss his face the whole way and he never even stirs.  I just wish I could still accomplish a respectable amount of sleep from time to time.  However, this is our last biological child, aside from some divine miracle, therefore my last remaining months nursing.  I won’t give up now, I am in it to win it!!!

But enough about that.

Some other fun tid bits?

WELL, Callum got his first shiner today after Hazel rammed her cart into his face.

This is why I can’t talk on the phone and why if you ever call me it will usually go to voice mail….

OF COURSE we have a doctors appointment tomorrow.  They always seem to fall on days right after my children acquire injuries to their faces.

It is just under his left eye.  He is a trooper though and is totally using it to get sympathy from the ladies.

And another shining moment in our day…….We went over to my new MOPS friend Becky’s house to decorate sugar cookies with her girls (which was a lot of fun).  However, Hazel isn’t used to consuming so much sugar and had a bit of a melt down after Callum touched one of the toys she was playing with.  Screaming, and crying ensued.  We had to head home after only about an hour visit.  I think I was more upset to leave than she was.  Oh well, better luck next time.

After she made her cookie she decorated one for daddy.  Notice he has about 5 sprinkles on his, as compared to her 700.

Then after the melt-down she came home and napped…..like this…..

Yes she put a bathing suit on big monkey and both monkeys are holding giant legos.  I guess she didn’t want them to get bored while she slept.  She is so considerate…..


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