WARNING: All of the birthday awesomeness may make you gag

Friday was my birthday and this whole weekend has been jam- packed with celebrating.  Phillip threw me a surprise party Friday evening!  We had a great time with good friends and food.  My Bestie, Trish, even flew in from Arizona!!!!

Grill master Phil, serving the guests

Becky ready to roast some weenies!

The kids table

Oh yes, and there was even one of these things…

Friends for over a decade

Then Saturday morning Phillip fixed us all a great breakfast AND CLEANED THE KITCHEN from breakfast AND the night before, which was no small feat!  Trish left early in the day, sad face.

a parting shot 😦

However, Saturday evening Gabby and Emily took me out for dinner and a mani!!!  (I know, I am one lucky gal)

Sunday I pole vaulted, which if you don’t know about that endeavor read this.  I am now clearing 8 ft 6 inches with no problems, so hopefully I will make it over 9.6 in the near future.  My goal is 10 feet!

THEN, cue drum role, Phillip revealed his birthday present! (that sounded kind of dirty)…He has been telling me for the past month to pump, pump, pump!  Callum is still nursing so he has been continuously gently suggesting that I develop a quote “stockpile” of milk, cause “you never know”.  Well now I know the reason!  We are taking a 4 day trip to Colorado!!!!  I don’t know the deets besides that we will be leaving Thursday evening and not coming back till Monday morning, sans kiddos, which means……….3 full nights of sleep!!!!!  ahhhhhh.

Details of that wonderfulness coming soon….


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