I saw a port-a-potty blown over in a construction site today and then just down the road from that, a huge street light at a car dealership had blown over into the road.  It is WINDY in the windy city.  However, that is not my excuse for the blogging absense.  I have been scrambling to get everything ready for our trip to Colorado!   We leave tomorrow!!!  AND both of the kids decided to get sick, so that isn’t helping the process any.  However we have managed to squeeze in a few fun activities.

We had a bad storm at the beginning of the week.   Despite our best efforts, we were not triumphant in helping Hazel to block out the sound of thunder.  Notice the ear warmer and Ipod….we really tried.

(not really a fun activity, just FUNny)

We have had our usual dance classes this week.  Creative movement on Tuesday and Tap and Tumbling on Wednesday.  Apparently she didn’t get all of her energy out moving and shaking, she needed to don her hat and mittens and run around the house in her tutu afterwards.

Callum even found a new favorite past-time this week, SHOE FETCH, he gets out all of the shoes, throws them, then fetches them and chews on them until mommy comes and takes them away.

find the baby

Today we painted pumpkins!

AND I made these yummy caramel apple muffins, they were delish…if I do say so myself!

Hope everybody has a great weekend, we are starting ours early!!!  Uh, oh, I better go before I bust out some John Denver, Colorado here we come!!!


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