First and Foremost:

About a month and a half ago I got upset with Phillip because he was on his computer ALL of the time.  Seriously, for like a whole weekend straight every free moment he had he was on his computer.  Apparently, he was planning this rocking trip, so let me just apologize now, for all the world to see.


I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills……

The no-kid, extended weekend, Colorado vaca was all I could have hoped for and more.  But really, any trip that involves mountains and segways has to be great, right???  And the weather could not have been better, 70s the whole time.  Even the Colorado natives were in shock.

Let me tell you, we lived it up in Colorado, we even upgraded our economy car when we got there.  Yes, it may seem frivolous, but apparently guys get a lot of enjoyment out of cars.  For Phillip, being able to drive around a new Camero for 4 days (with no car seats) was like a kid in a candy shop.  Seriouly, people took pictures of this car…my husband included.  Also, although Phillip had me believing we were staying in a hostel, we stayed in the beautiful Renaissance Suites just outside of Denver.  I am telling you people, he did good.

Here is an EXTREMELY abbreviated (believe it or not), trip summary.

Day one:  DENVER

morning: on the way to the elevator we discover a prairie dog field on the opposite side of the hotel, we seriously considered about switching rooms, mountain view vs. prairie dog field view….that’s a hard one…

Onto the all you can eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant, Phillip was so excited about this breakfast he had a hard time sleeping. No joke.  And he consumed 8 eggs, yes 8.

2 omelets(3 eggs in each) + 1 eggs benedict(2 eggs)=minor heart attack

After our several thousand calories consumed at breakfast we decided to venture into downtown Denver and walk around a bit. We jumped on a trolly that ended up being a “kid train” dropping trick-or -treaters off at the kids museum and the aquarium.  The trolly literally went back and forth in a straight line and they seated us in the back with the conductors in the “special car.”

We walked around some more until…..

Afternoon: The Surprise of the day!!! Phillip fulfilled my several month long dream of wanting to ride a segway.  We went on a segway tour of downtown Denver.

One last pep-talk before I graduated from segway school and he sent me on my way

What can I say…we were both naturals

Trying to listen to our tour guide, but being distracted by the guys doing PARCORE!!! behind him.

All you “Office” lovers out there will appreciate this I am sure.

couple segway shot with the “Big Blue Bear”

Evening: Then we ran into this pretty thing in Denver!

We had dinner and desert with the lovely, the taleted, the one and only, Casey B!

(one of my besties and former housemate, recently relocated to Colo Spgs.)

A great end to a fabulous day…

Day 2:  Boulder, Estes Park

Morning: We started the day at the Boulder farmers market where we grabbed breakfast, then did a quick down town tour and visited a few shops.

TONS of produce

We then forged on to Estes park…

We walked around downtown Estes, what a lovely place

The Stanley

(hotel where Steven Kings, “The Shining” was inspired and filmed)

Afternoon: Then we headed into Rocky Mountain National Park

first we did some elk viewing

then we walked out to Bear Lake, and it was beautiful

I really like this one

Then we got back in the car and drove as far as we could on Trail Ridge Road. Then we stopped and took another picture 🙂

When it started getting dark we came down from the mountains and snooped around in the Stanley. Being Halloween eve and all, it was extra spooky.

Evening: Then we drove back to Denver and ate at Q-Doba, pretty anticlimactic, but we were pooped.  We had originally planned on heading back, showering, dressing up nice and going out for a fancy adult dinner, but our stomachs and fatigue won out in the end.

Day 3: HIking in Boulder

Morning: We ate a fabulous breakfast with Phillip’s cousin Kristy, her husband Alex and their little girl Laura lei (who is Callum’s age).  Then we went for a leisurely, yet beautiful hike.

*leisurely for Colorado natives, Phillip and I were breathing quite heavily when all was said and done

quite a skilled climber

getting to this rock really was quite challenging, I got snagged up in some kind of poisonous needle bush

Porter, Kristy and Alex’s awesome dog

Evening: Dinner with Casey and BF, Adam, in Denver

a very uncomfortable bike ride down 16th street.

Final Surprise: The 13th Floor, Denver’s #1 haunted house.

I used to really love to go haunted housing, then two things happened

#1. I had kids

#2. I became a wuss

(not necessarily in that order)

Casey had already secured tickets, so there was no backing out.  We still had to stand in line for an hour before getting in.  Of course that allowed me lots of time to psych myself up, or out, I am not sure.  Casey also mentioned the Denver Broncos went through this haunted house and had to exit before finishing, they were so scared.  Great, but I was determined to make it, and Casey promised to hold my hand…

Fearless Casey, led the group in.  I followed behind Adam clutching his shirt and strangle holding Phillip’s arm.

Oh, and it was actually two haunted houses in one, we had to make it through The Blood Shed before even getting to The 13th Floor, WHAT????

No pictures of that, but let me just say it was a blast and I MADE IT!!!

P.S.  Sorry about stretching out your shirt Adam

After our fear- filled evening we headed back and turned in early since we had to be up at 5 to catch our flight out the next morning.


We had an awesome trip. The only negative was having to pump 4 times a day, but we brought the car adapter and I became a pro at pumping on the go!

Thank you Mooma and Boopa for allowing us some much needed couple time and REST.


AND since we missed Halloween, Boopa and Mooma did a great job of photo documenting the kids lives while we were gone.

yeah, that’s about right

Mooma with the skeletons and Hazel’s painted pumpkins

Proper, Little Orphan Annie

Boops, Annie and Monkey Man Cal

And just because these are adorable

well, this one is at least 🙂


2 thoughts on “Colorado

  1. It looks awesome. I’m so glad you guys had a good time. And I’m glad to see you wore the one and only dress I’ve ever made on your segway tour. It’s never been on a tour like that before. I’m sure it really enjoyed it. Also… your parents are the cutest grandparents ever. xo

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