YES I realize this is a bold statement, but I promise there is not even a hint of snootiness or “I am better than you because I do” involved in it.  Just a genuine desire to help hard working moms and dads dollar go a bit further.  Less money spent on baby food=more money for college (or diapers)!!!  Once you see how easy/liberating/fun/thrifty it is, I think  you will agree.

Why should you make your own baby-food?

#1. It is easy

#2. It will save you a TON of money

#3. It is green; less waste both in food and packaging

#4. It is healthy, you can see exactly what you put into it, no preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners or fillers (unless you add them yourself, but why would you?)

there are way more than 4 reasons, but for the sake of time (which could be spent making baby food! 🙂  I will stop there.

I won’t go into appropriate foods/ages of introduction and preparation, for that I will refer you to a fabulous website with ALL of that info.


It is awesome.

You may not care about being green, but I bet you care about saving green. ( I really wanted to get that one in there)

Check this out>>>>>>>>>>

I spent less than $4 on all of this produce (3lbs of apples, 3lbs sweet potatoes and 1.6lbs squash & zucchini)…..

and THIS is the amount of baby food $4 yielded, over half a months worth

Hint: when making baby food, the seasonal produce will be the cheapest!  All of the stuff I bought was on sale.

I was having a converstation with a mother at Hazel’s dance class about feeding our infants.  She told me the doctor said she needed to feed her baby more but she couldn’t afford store bought babyfood and was trying to figure out how to stretch 1 or 2 containers throughout the day.

I think people automatically assume that since baby-food making has become an “in” thing, it is also expensive.  Actually quite the opposite, example: most store bought, single serving banana baby-food is comparable in cost to a pound of actual bananas, LUDICROUS!!!

So this is not a super-mom thing, it is a frugal, healthy thing.  If you can peel a potato or an apple and can boil water, you can make your own baby-food.  No PHD necessary (or any other diploma for that matter).

(please note the awesome salt and pepper shakers in the background, a special gift from my special gal in New Zealand)

Stop making excuses…..

reasons/excuses I don’t make baby food

#1.  I don’t know how

nonsense, if you can mash a banana, you have made babyfood!!!!

#2. I don’t have the fancy gadgets

me neither.  We needed a new blender and found a cheap blender/food processor at Costco.  It works just fine and paid for itself in no time at all.  Also, I don’t have the pretty baby-food storage containers.  I use a good old fashion ice cube tray (although don’t buy cheap plastic ones cause they will break when you are trying to get the cubes out).  And I only have one so I store the baby-food in waiting in the fridge while one batch freezes.

#3.  It’s too time consuming

again, I say nonsense.  I peeled, cooked  and pureed: apples, sweet potatoes, zuchini and squash in the time it took for Hazel to consume her lunch today. (Granted she does eat for an hour).  But in 1 hour I made enough babyfood to last half a month and did I mention it cost $4 (a little less actually)!!!!  Also I would much prefer staying at the house and cooking some baby-food to loading up the two kids and going to the, dun dun DUN. Grocery store, to buy some(shudder at the thought)….Unless that store is Target, then that is a whole different story 🙂

Minor draw-backs. (because I believe in full disclosure)

#1 (and only). Its not glamorous

I had to move my puree-ing operation into the garage on the washing machine (while doing laundry) as to not wake up the napping boy.  Our high quality puree-er tends to make the ears bleed.  Like I said, it’s not fancy.

There will also be a mountain of pots and pans when you are finished.

But the benefits by far outway those minor draw backs.  Trust me, your pocketbook will thank you!!


2 thoughts on “You should make your own baby food

  1. I loved making baby food for my kids!! I think you and I might have even talked about that before?? It really is very easy! You know, Brenna was actually the easiest. She HATED pureed foods, so she just got bits of whatever we were eating from 7 months on. Talk about easy!!

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