Yeah, so I really don’t know what to say about my road kill luck.  I mean, I have never won a game of bingo, or even monopoly for that matter and Publishers clearing house definitely has never come to my door.  But I guess fate smiled on me in the way of junking.

Phillip had Monday off from school so we took the car for emmisions testing.  The testing location was in a pretty nice area and you will never guess what we found sitting on someone’s curb calling out to us….

Yes someone threw this in the trash and it barely even looks USED!!!

The one drawer on the right’s runner is broken, but that is an easy fix.

Oh well, I hope they know their junk, NOT, went to a good home.  We will have her fixed up in no time.

As soon as we got home I hit the ground running

First, I did a quick sand and re-stained the top to more cosely match our floors…

then I painted it a light blue (which looks white) and faux glazed it to give it a more antique look

I had originally thought I would buy some new drawer pulls, but found this red spray paint in my craft supplies and thought I would spray paint the pulls and see howI liked that before investing anything in my freebee.

I wasn’t so sure if I liked the look last night, but today I think I do.  Here she is!  In all of her FREE glory!

Does this angle make me look fat? 🙂

This is of course already being stuffed full of toys, since the whole theme of our livingroom is “toyroom in disguise.”  So I lined the drawers with my go-to Target contact paper….

And the kids are already enjoying it!

4 thoughts on “Don’t hate me because SHE’s Beautiful

  1. you really have gotten lucky in the junk department…people around here like to hold onto their junk, either that or I’m in the wrong area of town 🙂
    Loving your treasures!

  2. You go Amanda! I am totally jealous of all the great finds you seem to come upon…I need to be driving around where you are! Your new find looks AWESOME!

    Also, I have been looking for some ‘pretty’ contact paper and now I am heading to Target tomorrow to get some for the dresser I re-did a while back!

    Good job you craft queen!

  3. Love! Love! Love!

    Someone must be living right because you guys never seem to fail with the amazing “trash” you score!

    Love what you did with it too! Miss you mucho! Hope you guys come down before next summer! Ha! I need a Chicago trip like woah! Ikea baby!

    Ooooh huuuuusbaaaaaand!!!!!

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