I haven’t been the best blogger lately so let me give a run down of what you have missed (that is of any interest) over the past week or so.

I left the room for two seconds to change over the laundry and come back in to find Hazel feeding Callum his lunch.

Apparently I was doing an inadequate job so she took matters into her own hands.

I am considering giving her the full time feeding job

I mean, it would give me some free time and she does get at least a fourth of the food near his mouth…

We did a little outside crafting/painting during the nice weather we had last week.

I worked on a project for Hazel’s room while Hazel painted a black hole and her face.

We baked, yes I said baked these wonderful chocolate chip cookies from SCRATCH!!!

While Callum used the cabinet to practice his male model poses.

Hazel vacuumed the furniture.  What?  Don’t judge, she wanted to. 🙂

Phillip had the kids while I went out for a girls night…need I say more

Callum started walking, with the assistance of his cart…

…he’s still got a few kinks to work out

Hazel is a ham.

What?  Oh you didn’t hear?  Oversized hats and upside down glasses are totally in this Fall.

They are the best of friends….*sigh*

…50% of the time

We made some smoothies, and NO Hazel never wears pants.

I am slightly concerned about the approaching winter months

Callum started sporting a man bag.

And no, its NOT a designer purse, although don’t tell Callum that, he is a total label snob.

Hazel teaching Callum how to stare out at the dark

Hazel:”You see that dark out there buddy boy? Yeah, its dark out there”

That about wraps it up!

Oh, Callum did sleep in till 5:30am Saturday morning, Oh Happy Day!!!

Lets hope for the same thing tonight, XX, (that’s me crossing my fingers)



2 thoughts on “Here’s what you missed

  1. She’s one up on Brenna. Brenna never wanted to wear shirts or underwear too. It did make for a hilarious story about Mormons coming to visit. LOL.

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