Tis the season.  The cold and flu season, that is, and it has arrived at our house, boo.  Callum woke up from his nap yesterday with a cold, and Hazel woke up late last night with the flu.  Though I must say, she gave it a vallient effort, making it nearly 3 years of life without a flu bat.   However, her streak has ended as she has finally succomb to a bug.  She started vomitting last night at 11pm, then every 20 minutes till about 9am this morning. Poor thing, She is deliriously tired, achy, fevery and hungry.  She is a puny patient moaning and crying, but secretly I really cherish the extra snuggles and “mommy needing”. Tonight she actually asked me to put her in bed.  Thats right, the child who hates sleeping requested it, definately a sick girl.

As I sit here wanting to blog  about this week, and all the recent happenings, the lack of sleep is catching up with me and I am finding it hard to concentrate and put together coherant thoughts.  I will take the lazy way out (which I do all too often) and just post some cute pictures from the week.

Door Man

We now have the kids bath together since Callum can support himself and Hazel is no longer trying to acost him at all times.  Actually, she is really quite helpful and does a pretty good job of bathing her brother.

what an angel

that’s a little more acurate

I thought he was sleeping and didn’t notice the huge open eyeball till I was viewing the picture later

Highlight of the week: New tree swing at Mia and Haley’s house


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