Sorry for the lack of pictures/blogging lately.  I am still pretty down on myself about forgetting my camera for our Thanksgiving travels.  I really cannot believe I forgot something that is usually first on my list of packing priorities! Let me tell you, I missed some great photo ops, such as:  The little girls all dressed up in their fairy costumes dancing to Christmas music and the cousin shot where they all have coordinating shirts, just to name a few!  As you can probably tell, I am deeply depressed and have been unmoved to blog since returning from our completely undocumented Thanksgiving travels!!!

I think I may go see if Becky has some pictures on her blog that I can steal…..

She did!  Thanks Becky

Hazel helped me pick out my gift at the gift exchange, it was a great choice….only it was stolen, during the exchange.

Can we say BABY BOOM!  Holy Cow! From rt to lft: Caleb (9mo), Hazel (3), Callum (9 mo), Ethan (17mo), Haley (2.5), Markey (7), Paige (3.5?), Josiah (2.5), Finley (2.5), Scout (14mo)

I guesstimated on some of the ages

The presents for the Squibb, Puricelli, Blair, gift exchange!

Cousins, Callum and Caleb (Phillip’s brother’s little boy, born one week apart)!

Then today during Callum’s morning nap Hazel and I decorated the mini tree.  We are heading out next weekend for the real deal.  Tree hunting with two little ones…should be interesting.


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