My kids love beans, in fact, for snack time today, beans for everyone!  Simple, nutritious and delicious!  Just look how happy beans make my kids.



4 thoughts on “Bean-O’s

  1. My kids are the same way! Also, Callum and Liam are wearing the same shirt today. 🙂 Question: Do they absorb any nutrients when the beans are swallowed whole?

  2. Diane, I wish we lived closer cause I bet our kids have alot of the same clothes (being as how the only place we shop is Target). I wish we could go there together, buy our kids matching outfits, get a starbucks pep mocha, and come home and snack on some black beans. Now that would be a great day. And speaking of nutrient absorption, how about through the skin. Because Callum tends to just smash the beans all over his body ie eyes, eye lids, nose, in between fingers, etc??

  3. I don’t think my kids are crazy about beans, but they do often BEG for oatmeal for dinner!! It cracks me up. I am like, “oh alright, if you are going to twist my arm!!”

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