We are all about starting new traditions here at the Squibb household.  However, it seems like we don’t really know how to pick em.  Take for example, driving to Aurora to a Monastery to buy a Christmas tree (yes a Christmas tree farm run by monks).  We started this tradition last year because we wanted a reasonably priced real tree, not from the local home improvement store.  So we drive an hour so we can walk around in the freezing cold, chop down, tie up and haul back, our overpriced, but tax deductible, tree.  Last year my camera ran out of batteries and this year I forgot it all together so it seems I have established a certain tradition of my own. Anywho,  there was no way we were gonna miss what would surely be some awesome photo opts of the kids.  So after we unloaded and bundled up the gang, back in they went so we could drive down the road and get a disposable camera.  LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

Take two of arriving at the Christmas tree farm AND missing the road and having to turn around, yet again.  We unload AGAIN and get ready for our “perfect tree finding adventure.”  Well, let me tell you, it was FREEZNG and Hazel was not enjoying her cute  sled ride through the forest at all.  The smiling faces I had pictured were not happening.  Hazel just cried and yelled “I want to go back to the car!” “I’m cold!” and things of that nature.  So glad we bought that camera…   Callum, on the other hand,  was in the Moby wrap and perfectly quiet for the whole experience, I think his face might have been frozen.  At one point I looked at him and a single tear rolled down his face, I think, much like Audrey in Christmas Vacation, his eyes may have been frozen as well.

But enough about our questionable child neglect.  We found the tree!!!! Yep, we loaded up the kids and drove around the monk tree farm the old fashioned way.  When we spotted our douglas fir from the road we unloaded the gang (Hazel kicking and screaming despite our best bribery efforts) and took a family picture, with the disposable camera, by the tree.  Then decided to get the tree next to it instead…

decorating the tree

Our other Holiday tradition is decorating the outside of the house.  Phillip worked for hours hanging lights and prettying things up, only to plug the lights in the following evening and have them not work.  😦

Hazel supervised the light hanging operation

This is how we will remember her, and remember honey “it looks pretty even if they’re not lit.”(Christmas Vacation) Can you tell we love that movie?

Also, notice the pumpkins still sitting out?  Yeah, we are THOSE people.

What are some special traditions you hold dear?  We might steal them…


One thought on “Traditions

  1. I posted a pic on fb of one of our traditions. Usually the night we decorate the tree, the kids get to have a slumber party next to the lit tree. They get their warm jammies on and sleeping bags and giggle the whole time. It always seems magical, beautiful and joyful.

    This year we put up the tree on a school night, so they had to wait for the weekend. But they still loved it!!

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