Hazel (and mommy) had some friends over last week. The girls are all very close in age and love to play together.  Of course, at one point Hazel removed her pants.  I promise they were on to begin the day.  Anyway, us moms get to talking and drinking our coffee and until we hear things breaking or children screaming, we just let the kids play.  Shortly after the girls headed to Hazel’s room to play  I heard a loud thud followed by Hazel crying.  I ran in and she had fallen off the bed.  In an attempt to sooth as well as deter her from jumping I quoted her all time favorite “no more monkey’s jumping on the bed.”  I asked her what the doctor said to the mama, when she didn’t reply I reminded her the doctor scolded “no more monkeys jumping on the bed!”  Well this was apparently as ineffective as it was hilarious and only added fuel to the bed jumping fire.  oh, well, I tried.

As you can see, our talk was very effective

(aren’t they adorable?!) taking a breather, loooooong nap today, woohoo!!


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