Hazel turned 3 yesterday amidst a wintery blizzard.  We had been planning a special “kids” party for, what seemed like forever.  We even changed the date once since we had received zero RSVP’s.  You can imagine our anxiety upon hearing the weather forecast to be blizzardy sub zero (with wind chill) conditions.  I will be honest i wasn’t optimistic that anyone of Hazel’s little friends would be attending her special gymboree party.  But boy was I wrong!  All but three of our little guests and their brave parents attended the party.  Lindsey and Jon, college friends, even drove in from West Chicago with their twin boys!  We had so much fun, gymbo the clown even came! I am so grateful to all of the partygoers helping to make Hazel’s special day EXTRA special.

*A special thanks to my parents for driving up Saturday to help with party preparations.  My mom literally made 160 little muffin cupcakes for the party.  THANK YOU!!!!  They had to leave early yesterday, due to the blizzard.

Here are some of my favorites out of the hundred pictures taken last night….We tend to go overboard with the photos…


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