Life has just been SUPER busy lately.  A common theme this time of year, but especially for families with kiddos who have birthdays close to the holidays.  We try hard (not that she cares at this age) to keep Hazel’s birthday and Christmas separate and special in their own way.  We really don’t want to cheap out on her, which may mean I we overcompensate at times.  Take for example, her two weekend birthday extravaganza.  Last weekend her big girl kid party at gymboree, and  this weekend, her stage debut in The Nutcracker, followed by a birthday brunch on Saturday.  Doesn’t the word brunch just sound fancy?  I thought so. Anyway, all of this adds to the overall stress, anxiety, business of the already busy holiday season, but it’s worth it….I think.  So I apoligize for not blogging as frequently as my mom would like.  🙂

This week we have done ALOT of playing.  Hazel had to break in ALL of her new birthday toys and I have had a great time helping with that.  Callum has done a lot of eating and pooping.  He now LOVES table food and is content to sit and eat and eat and eat.  However, he has also been on antipoopbotics, for an ear infection, so he has literally been eat sleep and pooping all the day long.  Fun times.  We haven’t gone anywhere, just home dwellers this week, but nesting this time of the year is what I love!

We actually have received a couple of these and I can’t believe it!!!  So adorable!  The fairy even has red hair and, if I am not mistaken it is from the dollar section at Target??  Well done once again my most favorite store.  Consider us even about that whole online return ordeal…

She told me she was pretend sleeping and I had to lower the blinds because it was too bright.  If only real naps were this easy…

Hazel the doggy tamer.  She really wanted me to take her picture, so I obliged.

Yes, he does his own stunts.  And he really put a lot of effort into getting that dryer ball.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him there may have been an easier route.

Hazel’s friend Haley came over and the girls dressed up and played…for about ten minutes before Hazel had a melt down and had to spend the rest of the time in her room.  Oh 3, I had such high hopes for you!!!

I guess I lied about not going anywhere.  Hazel and Daddy went to the school’s choir concert.  Hazel loved it.

Natural faux hawk. Yeah, he is awesome like that

Did I mention how cute he is?

This was her birthday present from mommy and daddy.  I think she may be confused as to whom this bed is for.

Don’t let him fool you, he is no help when it comes to folding.

gotta run, Cal man is stirring and I am sure he has something really special waiting for me! 🙂


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