The company is gone, the tree is naked and in the fire pit (more on that later) and although the house is calmer/quieter, we miss our Christmas guests.  Which gives pause to think and be grateful for the treasured time spent with the ones we love.  Although I am dealing with some mild post partum at the moment, the heartache is a good one.  We had such a wonderful Christmas visiting family in Salem then hunkering down in Chicago for the remainder of our vaca.  We deeply treasured all of our time with family.   THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, for helping to make this Christmas especially wonderful!

Now for the pictures…

don’t let static stop you

most of The gang

Hazel showing Callum how to use his Christmas present, she is so helpful…

The block building competition…

The Rules

1. build structure

2. measure structure

3. see how many times remote car can run into structure without it toppling

4. send in Callum for final destruction of said structure

The dogs, Dora and Franko, bonding

He was dead set on burning the Christmas tree, unfortunately it didn’t burn the way he had envisioned, this picture is about as exciting as it got, despite Phillip’s best dancing efforts

Hazel and I sporting our Squibb tank fleece jackets

we are walking advertisements



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