About a week before Christmas Philip took some friends of ours to the airport.  After he had been gone for quite some time I decided to call him and make sure everything was alright.  When I asked him where he was and what he was doing he replied “I am at the thrift store picking up your Christmas present.”  (I may or may not have gotten goosebumps at that moment), he then proceeded to tell me how he had to let me go since he had a head ache after carrying my very heavy present to the car.  Apparently the thrift store was willing to take $10 off the price if he could carry it to his car unassisted.  Well,  being the frugal and muscular man he is, he accepted the deal.

So here was my ugly Christmas present….

Then I got to work, first with a little paint (I am really loving the blue right now and HGTV says its a neutral color so that makes me feel safer with that choice)

I fully intended on sanding it, but during color trials the paint covered so easily that I decided not to, and it only took 2 coats!

The splurge…..$$$Door pulls from Anthropology….I had to, they look like earrings, but they were $6 a piece, sheesh!

Now she is finished…..but I was still feeling adventurous, the paint fumes must have gotten to me

Yep, I busted out my favorite Targtet contact paper.  I really think I should write a book on contact paper.  I love this stuff and if/when I tire of it, it comes right off.

So I think I really like it with the contact paper, it adds a little something more and the green helps tie it in to the rest of the room.

If you can’t tell that is a blue antique hankie in that frame we got that at our wedding, I think it was the something old and something blue, although Philip swears he has never heard about this tradition and insists I am crazy, I think he was raised under a rock.


And here is a close up, hope you like my ugly Christmas present transformation!

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2 thoughts on “My Ugly Christmas present

  1. Contact paper!? Genius! I loooooove it. Colors are fantastic. Knobs? Lust worthy! What a great (and mildly cheap) hubbers too. He needs to hang around mine more often!

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