I find myself (quite often) discontent with the placement of a chair, table, couch, rug, what have you.

I regularly change the color of furniture

Almost never does my husband, or anyone else besides me, know where to find anything because things literally get moved around on a daily basis.

I am a redecorate-aholic and these are my confessions….

First off, you may be asking, (since i have two small children to care for), where does she find the time to rearrange, paint and redecorate?

Well, truth be told, on days such as these I employ the dog to nanny, she keeps them clean and entertained.

Also, housework tends to fall by the wayside when momma is in the zone

I am a domestic artist, home is my pallet, and the process isn’t always pretty.

In fact, we use the term “living in squaller,” quite frequently around these parts

As for my unconventional style, I make no apologies. I like bulky expensive dog rugs, okay?

Yes, it is a trip hazard but the kids love to climb on it and it is so life-like!

(And yes, that is the curb- side dresser we rescued, it has been painted three times now)


I like dinner plates on the wall, to me, they are art.  The end

AND I really like this ridiculous topiary I found at goodwill, not sure what shape it is attempting to be, but I like it, and the bird in the twigs, I like that too, and don’t worry animal lovers, it’s not (nor was it ever) real:)

The problem with rearranging/moving things so often are some of the causalites along the way, for example; Callum’s profile plate.  I made one for both him and Hazel just before Christmas… then I knocked his down and watched it shatter to smithereens. RIP plate

Another recent casualty, my finger.  It was nearly severed to the bone (overdramatized for entertainment purposes) by a falling star.  Haha, but REALLY, that giant star fell off the wall mysteriously (although, I may have bumped it with a chair) and landed on my finger…just glad it was MY finger…And yes I bled through the band-aid, thrice! Yep, I am pretty hard core.

And did you notice my fancy manicure?  I like to call them eggshell tips,  totally IN this winter.  And no need to rush to the salon and pay top dollar, just dip your fingers in a paint can. Whala! Quick and easy.

In conclusion

Do i enjoy having decorators ADD?  no

Do i want my funiture to stay in one place long enough to at least leave imprints in the carpet?  sure

Would I like to have pretty feminine hands as opposed to chapped, gashed, painted, man hands?  yes

but the reality is that the next time i have to scoot the chair over to get a lego out from underneath i will probably end up rearranging/painting the whole living room…

thus starting this vicious cycle all over again

this is who i am

and these are my confessions…


6 thoughts on “Confessions of a redecorate-aholic

  1. you are not alone — dern liberal arts education 😉 I too have plates on my wall and quite often get “oh, I would’ve never thought to hang that there” (translation – “nor would I ever hang a plate on my wall”) ehhh, so it isn’t for everyone – but all I can say is there is some furniture making imprints in my carpet and it’s making me a lil’ twitchy 😉

  2. I love all these projects!!! I am in need of several new pieces for my house…you need to share your knowledge in the decorating realm with me ASAP! 🙂

  3. Two things:

    1. Where did you get the white shelves on your wall? I have been looking for some like that for my kitchen?

    2. How did you hang your plates on the wall? I was going to buy some plate hangers but thought before I go out and spend the money I would see if you had a thriftier way of doing it!?

    • Brooke, we got the white floating shelves at Ikea forever ago and love them. I want to say they were like $12-$15 a piece? As for the plates, it’s not pretty, but it is cheap. I take some ribbon or twine, make a loop then hot glue it down, securing it with a button. The button enables me to press down while the glue is still hot and really make sure the twine holds. Hot glue has done the trick so far! Hope this helps, if you would like me to send a picture let me know!

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