I think I saw one of these a couple of years ago at a child’s birthday party.  I remember thinking how cute it was and that I could make one.  Then I forgot about it all together, until this weekend when we were getting ready to go to Colette’s, 1 year birthday bash.  I was pondering heading to Target to pick something up, but decided I would like to make her something instead.

back story: My dad got me a scroll saw for Christmas, which is awesome! He also brought me some wood to practice on.  As I was surveying my shop aka garage/dump/Christmas decoration storage/etc., I spotted the wood in the corner and the idea of the growth chart jumped back into my mind!

It was super simple to make.  The little details were time consuming, but so fun.  I kept going back and tweaking things here and there because I have the “can’t leave well enough alone” sickness.

Also, I am terrible with before/during and after pictures, so I only have a few shots of the process.  If anyone is really interested in making one and would like some more info, just leave a comment and I will gladly  post more details.

So here were the supplies I used:

white gloss paint, chalk board paint, white acrylic paint, black permanent marker, scrap book paper, modge podge, ribbon, hot glue gun and some other misc supplies like cute buttons, scrap fabric for flowers and leaves.

The first thing I did was wrapped a piece of ribbon around some chalk and secured it with hot glue, I also added a tiny bow for some additional cuteness.

I decided to paint the measurement side of the growth chart in Chalk board paint (hence the piece of chalk).  I thought it would be cute.  So I taped off the sections with painters tape.  I didn’t want the whole thing to be chalk board since I knew I would be modge podging her name on it and didn’t want the modge podge gloss to stand out.  So I painted the other side a glossy white.

notice the Chirstmas lights?  Unsightly working conditions….Also take note of the top of the board because in about two seconds you are gonna see my mad scroll saw skills, ready?


Check out that detail!

Alright so I realize I missed all of the steps in between, so here is what I did… in a nutshell.

After I painted the white and black I hot glued the ribbon in the middle, modge podged the cute paper on the top and botton as well as Colettes name (letters cut out on the cricut)

Then I used white acrylic paint for the measurements on the chalk board

The scalloping was done free hand with white paint.  The outline around the scalloping as well as the black dots around Colette’s name were done with black permanent marker!

I free handed the numbers as well, can you tell? 🙂

I added a scallop of chalk board paint on the paper and put some dots on it with white chalk which added some cute dimension

I made a tiny sling of ribbon and hot glued that on as well.  That is where the chalk can hag out when it’s not being used.

Here she is again, with Callum creeping around the back.




And here was my date to the party, sporting the adorable tie aunt Katie made him!

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4 thoughts on “DIY growth chart

  1. I want to let you know that the growth chart was the gift of all gifts. No joke people were passing that thing around all night til about 10pm when the last guest left. (you think im kidding—but no i am not) Also, two of his aunts wanted to know if you sell them?

  2. You seriously rock Amanda! I wish I could be your next door neighbor so I could come over all the time and stalk your house and crafts. I am not sure how you find the time to do all these great crafts, I feel like I can hardly find the time to shower lately! Also, love the new Christmas present re-do that Phillip got you! Might move to Chicago just so we can hang out 🙂

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