Yeah, I have been doing a lot of crafting lately, but lets be honest, you probably came here for the kids.

Here is a quick update:

Callum has been eating, alot.  He will not take ANYTHING off of a spoon anymore. He likes to feed himself and LOVES table food.  He has also been sleeping!!!  He goes down around 7, sleeps until a little before 6, wakes up, eats, then sleeps till a little after 7.

He babbles, and repeats “mum mum” (as in the baby snack) and banana “nana”.  He just sprouted his top right tooth today so he now has 4 teeth!

He is into everything! He is an expert crawler, but shows zero interest in walking.

He has started to snort, cause daddy taught him how and thinks it is hilarious.

……and Hazel, the child we thought would never jump, was perfecting her “stank eye” jump, off the couch tonight.

notice she even maintains the stank eye whilst in the air, pretty impressive if you ask me….


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