I have been working on adding a little vintage flare to Hazel’s room.  Part of that plan involves adding some more red into the color scheme.  Also, I don’t want to spend (hardly) any mula.   While at family dollar the other day I happened upon these cute dish towels for a dollar.  I decided that even with my limited sewing abilities they could be fashioned into throw pillows.  Enter liquid stitch…..

Here is the 3 minute craft broken down

start with two towels

take tags off and the liquid stitch says to wash material before gluing, but I didn’t, that would have taken time and I am a rule breaker like that.

so I outlined one side of a towel with the liquid stitch, about a quarter to half inch in (don’t forget to leave one end open to stuff your pillow inside).

then just slap the other one on top, right sides facing eachother

then when it has dried, turn the pillow case right side out and stuff your filler or pillow form in

Yes, one side of it is still open.  I may do something cute with ribbon….or just leave it

Last but not least, find a cute model to test out the new pillows!

(I made that blue one the same way and hot glued those embellishments on)

nap time!


2 thoughts on “3 minute craft

  1. You crafty diva, you! You painted Hazels bed too! Did I miss that or was that a sneak change!?! Looks great. Don’t you love paint and glue!?! (Wow, now I sound like a huffer!)

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