Hazel went to the dentist (Dr. Uncle David) for the first time this past Monday.  She got a glowing review and behaved beautifully, Shew!  Do I have pictures?  Of course not.

This is the only picture I have from our quick 24 trip to Salem…..

Pretty pathetic, I know, especially considering there was some pretty cute Callum and Caleb time, not to mention HAZEL’S FIRST DENTISTS APPOINTMENT!!!  As usual, whenever I forget my camera at these major milestone events, I stop blogging for days.  Its like I need to punish the blog for my forgetfulness.  I know it is wrong, the blog doesn’t deserve such treatment.

Anyway, I did watch one of my favorite litle girls today, none other than THE Colette Francine.

I really felt like her and Callum were actually “playing” today.  He especially seemed to enjoy her company “WHAT?  A cute little girl who doesn’t beat up on me and laughs at my jokes???” (that was the voice of Callum if you couldn’t tell).  Here are some pictures of some of the fun they had today.

Callum and Colette contemplating whether or not to release the zhu zhu pet back into the wild, ultimately they both just decided to take turns slobbering on it.

Callum trying to impress Colette with his sweet standing skills

I just love this one, what cuties

Hazel got jealous of all the baby picture time and wanted a “stank eye picture”


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