I LOVE reading “favorite things” posts.  Maybe I am a weirdo, but there is just something really fun and kind of personal about reading what others can’t live without or really really like. Kind of like a materialistic window into their soul. Wow that sounds really bad and kind of weird.

Anyway, as weird as it may be, I actually think about this a lot, like “if I were to write a favorite things post would this be in it???” I really need to get a life. Well, I have decided the time has come.   Don’t get too excited as I am not Oprah so nobody gets anything free and there are no plane tickets under your seat.  Well, none that I put there anyway, but  I digress.

Just to preface this by saying these are Luxury items, meaning, it is a luxury to have these things, but if push came to shove, I could live without.  (although probably not true for the camera or coffee)

So here they are (for anyone who cares) the most utilized/favorite items in my day to day life, in no particular order…

Bath and Body Candles. I don’t see these in other houses much so I feel like they are a well kept secret.   They burn forever and smell up the whole house instantly.  This is first because I am looking at it and breathing in its fine aroma as I type. Sure beats the smell of the dirty dog at my feet.

Also, I only buy them during the semi annual sales, cause really $20 for a candle is not happening, $5-$7 for a three wicker?  Now we are talking.

glue gun.  really, what project can’t it handle?

ID Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer.  Can’t get this anymore around here, it is seasonal. However, Phillip was at Walmart in Salem and happened upon it, ON SALE.  I may have flipped out and told him to buy it all.  We currently have 4 huge bottles of in in our fridge.  Hey, it’s good till May.

This paint brush!  All paint brushes are not created equal and let me tell you, I have just discovered that a good paint brush can make a world of difference!

My camera, clearly

Mr.Coffee, this goes without saying…

Mary Kay….When I shower…..and go out in public.  In my opinion, the best makeup/skin care ever.  Although it is all I have used since I started wearing makeup/taking care of my face, but it is really great and just keeps getting better.  If you need any, let me know:)

Indoor/outdoor slipper shoes, because sometimes I have to take a bag of trash out and don’t want to change my shoes.

Lady Hathaway Camis at Costco. These are the best layering, flub hiding tank tops ever!  They are long, soft, and come in a two pack at Cost-co.  Literally, I wear one of these everyday.

Thanks cuz for introducing me to them!

remote starter.  The garage houses my workshop, the cars sit in the freezing cold outside.  This makes the winter bearable and is often times what helps motivate me to leave the house with the kids.  The remote starter is a god-sent.  (Thanks to the in-laws)

please note: not my hand, keys, car, house or snow

My vintage pearl necklace.  Bought this for myself Got this from the kiddos for Christmas.  I adore it and wear it every day.

Pampered Chef food chopper, is there any other way to chop onions? Thanks mom!

and last but not least….my dental floss

haha, just joking

my computer, duh 🙂

I wish I knew how to do one of those linky parties because I would really like to see YOUR favorite things.  So please if you do a post about it, let me know so I can stalk you check it out!


4 thoughts on “Favorite things

    • Long and WONDERFUL. They are thin too so they stretch nicely and aren’t bulky at all. If I were doing a product review I would give them 5 stars.

  1. 1) I wanted to do a favorite things post around Christmas but then felt too “Oprah-ish” and then I felt like I should be giving one of everything away. Ooo wait, are you doing that!? I’ll take a remote starter…and a camera. Oh, and throw in some mac lovin too while you’re at it!

    2) I noticed your Vintage Pearl necklace and recognized it as one, and then my 2 second memory flared up and I forgot to mention to you how much I LOVE IT! (must’ve been distracted by flying ping pong balls!)

    3) I just realized you have a button to Subscribe to you now via the RSS feeds! Has that always been there!? I’m so excited! Now I’ll get my regular Squibb3 posts! Yaaay!

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