The days may be shorter in the winter, but the weeks tend to drag on.  Not that I want to speed them up, clearly the kids are growing too quickly already.  It is just that I count the hours/minutes until Phillip is home and able to help with the little rascals.  Unfortunately with work/grad school/basketball, some days I feel like a single parent and it is tough.  We keep busy with dance, gymnastics, Target and thrift store outings, however some days I just want to punch my mommy time card early.  My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I am quite excited.  They always offer much needed relief and help tremendously with the kids. Here are some pics from the past several days…

Dora sums up what I have been trying to put into words

He is putting everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in his mouth

I went to lay Callum down and came back to find her strapped into his car seat

It’s never a good sign when the doctor stands three feet away while taking your blood pressure


One thought on “Long Weeks

  1. Coincidentally, I just posted about being tired of winter. I completely understand how you feel, David works from 2-11 so I kind of know how you feel about feeling like a single parent…keep your head up spring will be here before we know it. Honestly, when I am having a ‘kill me’ kind of day I just think about other moms who stay home with their children and know I am not alone in this boat!

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