TOP 10

1.  I know to keep my phone nearby if he is making the grocery run because he will literally call me 15 times from the store to double check things:  prices, brands, if we might need additional items not on the list, etc.

2.  he adds garlic powder to Callum’s food because “he needs more flavoring” which makes Callum and the rest of the house stink the whole day…and for days to come

3. he never tries to match the hand towels with the decor.  I have my cute matching towels and my “use for spills” towels separated in my mind, and he has no sense about these things, point in case, this towel which he hung up today.

not that this isn’t cute, just not really fitting into the decor

4.  He always finds the Michael’s 40% off coupon and leaves it our for me. (this doesn’t drive me crazy, it’s just cute)

5. He drinks the juice from the sweet pickle jar (this just drives me crazy and I don’t at all think it is cute, just sick).

6.  He creatively combs Hazel’s hair a different way every night after her bath.  Some nights it is parted down the middle, some nights its a comb over.  I also think it is really cute when he attempts a ponytail or some other kind of style which requires a hair band.

7. He has terrible heart burn issues but still adds at least three condiments to the food he eats.  Then complains about it afterward and honestly doesn’t understand why he feels so bad.

8. When he attempts to put the throw pillows on the bed…

9. When he tries to say romantic/thoughtful things but they come out like this:   “honey your body is looking really good, you don’t look pregnant at all anymore.” (he said this just the other day, 11 months after I had Callum)

10.  And last, but not least. The facial hair.  He has a new beard/mustache style (and I use that term very loosely) every Sunday night when he does his weekly “shave before the school week”

Here was his latest masterpiece, in his credit, he did win the (teacher) mustache competition at school

alright, I know what you are thinking, but don’t judge a book by its cover

This man…

loves his kids beyond measure

pours all he is into his job and children

is kind, caring, and supportive

despite all his quirkiness, I love this man dearly.



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