You may recognize this name if you tuned into season ten… or eleven, I lost track, of American Idol last night.  Personally, I stopped watching after we were wrongly “let go” when Phillip and I auditioned in Kansas City in 2008. (I tend to hold grudges for a long time).  However, about a week ago I got an email from my friend Chris.  He explained he was going to be on the show but “show rules prohibitted him from broadcasting it to the world.”   I am not sure how far he makes it, but all I can say is, if he makes it to the voting rounds, he is deserving.

I worked with him at Starbucks for a year and a half. We developed a fond friendship and he was always sharing new song ideas (singing while making coffee) and inviting me to come record with him, but I was always too busy…eh hem, excuse me for a moment (stupid, stupid stupid)!  Okay I am better now.  For those of you who missed it, here he is.  They saved the best for last, this was the last audition of the night and I think it is safe to say, he has great talent and will go far, regardless of how he finishes.


3 thoughts on “Chris Medina

  1. Shut right up! I heard that one last night from the kitchen (Adam was watching in the living room) and thought I shouldn’t walk in and watch it because I would cry. Soooo I watched it on your blog…..I was right.
    Thats so cool that he’s your sbucks bud! We’ll vote for him!

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