Supposedly Chicago’s worst on record.  Over 2 feet of snow in some areas.  They closed Navy Pier and Lakeshore drive, CPS’s first snow day since 1999.  Definitely the most snow I have seen in my lifetime.   Also, I don’t think I have ever witnessed a thunder-snow.  I promised Hazel that the impending snowstorm would be a quiet one, to ease her anxieties as she is scared of thunderstorms (or at least uses them as a stall tactic).  I felt terrible when about 9 pm last night I was hearing thunder and seeing lightening along with the inches of snow being dumped from the sky.  Thunder-snow, who knew? Needless to say we are snowed in and not going anywhere for a while…

last night around 11pm

This morning around 8am

the back yard, snow almost to the top of the fence

neighbor of the year 5 years running, Joe, snow blowing our sidewalk and driveway

she played outside just long enough to snap this picture

a few more…

helping the neighbors, what a guy

the snow storm really brought them together

maybe not

Happy Snow Day Midwest!


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