Two days home from school are unprecedented in the Chicago-land.  I was beginning to think the schools went soft until I attempted to run a quick errand this morning.  The 8 foot drifts really obstructed my view.  I held my breath every time I turned out onto the road, thank God no one was coming.  Side streets, not clear, i was slipping everywhere.  I had to drive past our house three blocks to find a street relatively clear enough to turn onto and then backtrack.  Lanes suddenly end.  Plows made sure at least one lane of traffic was clear on the main thoroughfairs.  So I was driving along and then all of the sidden two lanes became one, which made for some tricky maneouvering.   Parking lots?  Creative parking, anything goes.

Tomorrow Phillip is taking the car since we have only uncovered one of them so far.  I have no problems taking another self- proclaimed snow day.  The plows still have a lot of  work to do before I want to get out on the roads again.

Callum (and Monkey) watching sis and daddy playing in the snow

fun in the snow

I think this was supposed to be a snowman???

Some shots from around the neighborhood


Snow Day #2

Art By: Hazel


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