Wow what a cliffhanger.

The tiny chair is finally done!!!!!!

I even have some new vocabulary words I have picked up along the way such as: welt chord, cambric, blind stitch, and so on and so forth, but I won’t bore you with all my newly acquired smartness, here is the picture journal of the chair re-do.

Here she is in all of her thrift store glory and a lot of potential

We immediately began the tear down process, yanking out a bazillion tacks along the bottom

and Tanya was right, definitely make sure your tetanus is up to date before embarking on a chair redo 🙂

The tacks

Warning: If you get queezy easily turn away

I give you… the skeletal system of the chair 🙂

yeah, he is pretty thorough

dad had these extra jute strips just lying around, so we reinforced the bottom of the chair

luckily the springs and all of the chair’s inner workings were in good shape so we didn’t have to do any structural reconstruction

We shopped the thrift store and were able to find some new foam and stuffing for the seat and arms

It was a wild ride with my dad taking the lead most of the time…

I am just not as young as I used to be…

But I tried to be as helpful as possible…

SEE, holding a light is helpful

I fearlessly set out onto new frontiers like blind stiching with this really crazy upholstery needle

side note:  you should know that I fully intended on hot glueing this baby together.  I had no idea we were going to be doing professional grade work, hence the thrift store fabric, which secretly I love, don’t hate the funky granny look. It was a chair redo cheap-O style.  My dad really didn’t like the fabric I had chosen, but he was a good sport about it.

more work in progress…

getting there…

part two: finishing up the back and arms

Dad  came back into town Saturday to help finish up the chair, he is pretty great like that.

I had picked up the supplies needed in order to finish (this was really my biggest responsibility in the whole process)

I had the welt cord made at a nearby upholstery shop, and the guy didn’t even charge me for it!

I also had to pick up some cambric/dust cloth

(it’s the see through material)

stapling in the cambric/ dust cloth

more cambric-ing

and some more blind stitching, dad was a lot faster than I was

see those hand stitched corners and fancy welt corded seams?


drum roll please……


Lets see the before again…

and after!

Notice the new design?  We wrapped the fabric all the way around instead of leaving that exposed wood on the bottom.  We also didn’t have a button maker so the cushions are no longer tufted.

Chris, enjoying the tiny chair

And here it is in place

see we really like to mix patterns in this family

It was the perfect touch in Hazel’s vintage funk room redo, I will post pictures of that soon!


thrift store Chair: $35

thrift store fabric: $7 total

thrift store foam padding and cotton: $4

cambric: 60 cents

15 feet of welt cord: FREE

paint for the legs: had it, free

all other materials my dad had in his 30 year old upholstery stash: $0

quality time spent with dad PRICELESS!!!

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5 thoughts on “From junky to FuNkY

  1. I linked over from Shanty’s party…

    Awesome! Great job. I soooo wish I knew how to reupholster. If you ever feel like explaining what blind stitching is, I’m ready to learn! ;o)

    Very cool chair, and loving your blog!

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